FOH Lorde GMA August 2021
FOH Lorde GMA August 2021

Selected Events:

Lorde live Central Park GMA Summer Concert Series, Production Audio A1 FOH, August 2021

ABC News Live A1 Mixer, Special Event Coverage

Good Morning America – Music Playback 2020 / 2021

ABC Inaugration and Insurrection of the Capitol 2021

ABC News Election Coverage 2020

MTV VMA 2019; Missy Elliott Video Vanguard Performance Editing & Mixing

Essence Festival 2019; Missy Elliott Headliner Performance Editing, Mixing, Playback

Missy Elliott “Project Yellow” 2018 Editing, Mixing, Playback

Theophilus London NYC, LA, Moscow 2016/2017 Editing, Mixing, Playback

Katy Perry / Missy Elliott Super Bowl 2015 Editing, Mixing

Pharrell Williams / Missy Elliott B.E.T. Awards 2014 Editing, Mixing

Missy Elliot Show-tape 2006 – 2020 Record, Edit, Mix