Pitch and Performance Correction (Quantization)

Pitch and Performance Correction (Quantization)

What is pitch and performance correction? In this golden age of recording too often as we hear the term “pitch correction” many of us think of a barely acceptable vocal made passable by editing. Or maybe aggressively effected autotune’d vocals come to mind. While these tools and effects are now easily available in the studio […]

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Mixing with Paul J. Falcone

Paul J. Falcone is a producer, mixer, recording engineer and programmer with certified platinum, gold, Grammy nominated and winning credits.  He has mixed and recorded projects for Michael Jackson, Missy Elliott, Luther Vandross, Maxwell, Queen Latifah, R.E.M., Iggy Azalea, Theophilius London ( feat. Kanye West ), Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, Tom Odell, Robin Thicke, Busta […]

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Sending a ProTools Session via a filesharing service Part I

When sending out a ProTools session out for collaboration, either for mixing or simple overdubs,  it’s important to make sure all audio is included that needs to be included. the session is named properly and in a way that makes it easy to know what session file it originated from.         Here’s the basic […]


The basics of locking a DAW to Analog Tape.

Recently I encountered a studio that was locking ProTools to Analog Tape incorrectly. They made a simple mistake that could have had devasting consequences to any session. So, here’s a quick guide to how to lock up to tape without an issue. First I’ll explain their issue. This studio had time code striped on various […]


Whats the music industry’s problem??? Bad UX!

What’s troubling this business of music?  Bad experience.   Now, this won’t be some diatribe about how these new kids don’t do it like we used to – rather; I believe the listening experience has changed so much it’s just too difficult to take the time to appreciate an album or even a song.  This is […]